2 CD Anthology

“The material here demonstrates quite how vital an artist Wood is.”

Daryl Easlea, BBC review

Disc 1

  1. The Shouter
  2. I feel a smile coming on
  3. The Colour of Amber
  4. Albion
  5. Down The Wagon Way
  6. Summerfield Avenue
  7. Lusignac
  8. One in a Million
  9. Hares on the Mountain
  10. The Farmer

Disc 2

  1. Cold Haily Rainy Night
  2. The Land: when the land is white with snow
  3. Mad John
  4. The Mari Llwyd
  5. Valltz Efter Tor Lohne
  6. The Taoist Tale
  7. John Ball
  8. Copernicus
  9. The History Man
  10. Pace Egging
  11. Walk this World with Music

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