Late Junction

I got invited up to the Late Junction studios last week to talk music with Verity Sharp.
We played some Blake Mills and some Seedhill Bruiser.
The first time I met Verity I was struck by what a deep listener she is.
It’s rare to see someone focus on music like she can and since then I have been a great admirer of her work.

She came on The English Acoustic Collective Summer School a while ago and I asked if she could make us a half hour playlist. It’s probably one of my Desert Island Discs. The theme she gave herself was “Truth” and, I couldn’t tell you how, but she nailed it. It had Micronesian singing, a chiff-chaff, a gypsy singer, I think there was some Howard Skempton, some girls singing about their boyfriends while winnowing grain, Tom Waits and a beautiful segue of some grey seals into that tastey choral piece by the bloke with the Norwegian sounding name..

Verity Sharp – national treasure.