Special Guest on Joan Armatrading tour

“This year I will be mostly” … joining Joan Armatrading as a special guest for her UK tour. We met on stage at the Folk Awards last year and a week or so after, her people called my people (I have always wanted to say that!) inviting me onto the tour.

A little Joan story..

A couple of years ago I was at Glastonbury with The Imagined Village and we were setting-up backstage while Joan was onstage doing her set. Backstage at Glastonbury is a fevered place with huge roadies (beards/shaven heads) and industry hardened stage crew (stubble/ponytails) – not to mention 10 deeply cynical musicians – all plugging in. No one was aware of what was going on onstage until we heard…

CHORD “I am not in love –

CHORD – but I’m open to persuasion”

Every single person backstage froze!

Visit Joan’s site for her full tour details.

Right now I’m just digging and fishing and scribbling and plunking around with my new best friend, a 1964 Epiphone which may well join me on a gig or two this year.