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None The Wiser (video)

NTW FOlk Awards

To coincide with the nomination of ‘None The Wiser’ in the Best Original Song category of the 2014 Radio 2 Folk Awards here’s a new video for you to enjoy:

NEW ALBUM: None The Wiser


Andy Gill – INDEPENDENT ★★★★★
“Wood is one of our finest songwriters, a brilliant exponent of the topical troubadour form, and rarely on better form than he is with None the Wiser. The title track alone is a masterpiece”

Martin Townsend – EXPRESS ★★★★★
“Wood has honed his songwriting to perfection here… Each sung phrase is weighed with care… heartbreaking purity.”


Siobhan Long – THE IRISH TIMES ★★★★★
“Nobody comes even close to equaling his bird’s-eye-view… a distilled and intimate collection of snapshots chronicling the sweetness of love, the fragility of sanity, the glories of ageing and so much more.”

Robin Denselow – THE GUARDIAN ★★★★
“one of Britain’s most uncompromising and original singer-songwriters… his latest album is remarkable for the settings as much as the lyrics.”

Colin Irwin – MOJO Album of the month ★★★★
“…such a rarefied talent, both as writer and interpreter.”

“Quite simply our best writer of contemporary English folk songs… What other BBC Folk Award-winning singer writes like this? There’s no competition as far as we’re concerned.”

Julian Piper – ACOUSTIC
“…unlikely to be on David Cameron’s iPod but Woody Guthrie would have been proud.”

Neil Spencer – THE OBSERVER
“defeated… glum… trades his former wit for bitterness”

World Premier of Flail Thursday 19 June

Hello – It’s me saying about a gig I’m doing with Martin Butler this Thursday at the Club Inégales in London. It’s a thing we’ve been working on for a while – four songs from me set into a through-composed piece by Martin. This premiere will of course be wildly under rehearsed but it will, I know, have it’s moments.
Martin, like me, has a footballer named after him so here, to avoid confusion, is a link to the gig  and also to the real Martin Butler.