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NEW ALBUM – So Much To Defend

So Much To Defend

Track listing:

  1. So Much To Defend
  2. This Love Wont Let You Fail
  3. Only A Friendly
  4. The Flail
  5. 1887
  6. Strange Cadence
  7. Shallow End
  8. More Fool Me
  9. You May Stand Mute

We are not so much a nation as a mosaic of insularities.
“I’ve forgotten where I first heard that phrase but the notion of each
of us fettling our piece of the mosaic is a potent one. Perhaps
this is not so much an album as a bunch of songs recorded while
waiting for an album to turn up.” CW.

‘ This Love Won’t Let You Fail’ live on The Folk Show

Chris was a guest on The Folk Show with Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2 in July and plays ‘This Love Won’t Let You Fail’ taken from his imminent new album ‘So Much To Defend’ join the mailing list or follow Chris on Facebook and Twitter to be kept up to date with its release date.